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MISP™  Trainings 



MISP  Instructor Training

The MISP instructor training and satellite courses are offered by MISP International Trainers who have undergone extensive training with the Massage In Schools Association International.  All contents are internationally designed and approved and shared by all MISP Trainers around the world.

Participants attending the training and courses will be able to learn how to bring nurturing touch into the lives of children ages 2 to 12 through the use of the unique MISP Massage Routine. In addition, they will also learn in relation to the MISP; child development, scientific knowledge, as well as the basis for bringing the idea of touch and movement to achieve more effective and engaged learning for children.

The MISP two-day intensive training is a  complete course with an internationally approved curriculum shared by all MISP Trainers.


Mini MISP  Instructor Training

Participants to Mini-MISP trainings will learn ideas for developmentally appropriate touch for children of 2 and 3 years old.


Touch & Move To Learn

We invite parents, educators and teachers to incorporate touch and movement for learning with all schools subjects.

MISP Instructor Training

2 days interactive training programme

Core Curriculum Points:

  • History of the Massage in Schools Programme

  • Philosophy – mission statement and respect

  • Benefits of the Programme

  • MISP formal massage routine

  • Children’s temperaments and personalities

  • Nervous system

  • Hormones – oxytocin, adrenaline and cortisol 

  • Brain development

  • Children sensitive to touch

  • Hyperactivity / ADHD

  • Adapting the massage for children with special needs

  • Child development related to the MISP

  • Teaching skills

  • Review of the massage routine strokes

  • Massage and school subjects

  • Curriculum related positive touch activities

  • Marketing

  • Informing interested parties

  • Implementing massage in schools

  • Child protection

  • Observing the child

  • Studies and research

  • Professionalism and ethics

  • Presenting certificates

  • Support and MISA

The two MISP satellites programmes were especially designed to widen the possibility for more and more children to experience the benefits of nurturing touch. MISP Satellite courses are offered by registered MISP international Trainers. Interested parties can communicate directly with a MISP international Trainer to organise a local training or to inquire about planned trainings in various countries around the world. Each course is one day long, and comes with a specifically written manual and material related to the course.

Mini-MISP  Instructor Training

Participants accepted on this course:
(a) MISP
(b) IAIM instructors

(c) Educators working on a daily basis with children 2 and 3 years old

The Mini-MISP is an adapted version of the MISP, designed for 2 and 3 years old. It was developed to answer specific requests from nurseries. Participants to Mini-MISP trainings will learn ideas for developmentally appropriate touch for children of 2 and 3 years old. On completion of the training, they will receive a “Mini-MISP instructor’s certificate”.

Touch & Move To Learn

Participants accepted on this course:

School teachers, parents, educators, children’s therapists and MISP  instructors.

The MISP Programme, besides the basic massage routine, incorporates touch and movement activities for children to help them use their whole body for development. We also invite parents, educators and teachers to incorporate touch ad movement for learning with all schools subjects. This one-day workshop was created to help all involved parties to be introduced to that idea, as well as to further knowledge, ideas and practice of various activities. It answers requests from teachers and parents who wish to understand why children learn better when they touch or move.

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