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All MISP™ Trainers undergo an extensive training process to become certified. It is an active and individual journey that is of personal and professional growth. MISP™ Trainers respect the core curriculum of the programme while bringing to their trainings their personal experiences of the Massage In Schools Programme.

Sylvie 2022.jpg

Sylvie Hétu

Country : Montreal, Canada

Language : English & Français

What does the MISP mean to you?

The Massage in schools programme means everything to me! It is part of all what is needed to improve children’s capacities to unfold their very humaness and find their place in life.  It helps them to feel they are loved and part of their own community and the whole world. The MISP also brings the planet together with inclusion, respect, loving touch and consent, all learned at a young age, as part of children's daily life.  I have seen so many children blooming with the practice of the MISP over the years, and it makes me say that the MISP really improves children’s destiny and biographies for the better. The MISP makes me feel I bring a contribution to positive evolution of humanity.

Mia 2022.jpg

Mia Elmsäter

Country : Järna, Sweden

Language : English & Swedish

What is your favourite MISP related quote?

My favourite quote has always been this one. It speaks to why the MISP is here.

“When we dream, it is only a dream. When we dream together, it is no longer a dream, but the beginning of reality.

Zmenšený 5 - Dana Hegerova (1).jpg

Dana Hegerová

Country : Prague, Czech Republic

Language : Czech

What does the MISP mean to you?

MISP brought a new dimension to my life. Its organic form of being attracts open-hearted, cause-minded people who know that the children they care for will continue to care for others in their lives. MISP brought many beautiful people and experiences into my life and a lot of joy. But it also brought very strong and rare moments when the child's soul touched itself through touch and could thus rest in its truth. Not all beginnings with touch are easy, but with repetition and a loving approach, everything changes before the eyes and the child rests in safety and in its center. MISP is also a great hope for me that our world can be healthy self-aware, loving and empathetic. Children who practice MISP show and confirm this to us every day. When we connect all the children's hands that practice MISP daily around the world, I believe that the whole society will feel the touch. If not immediately, then certainly in time. MISP is hope for all of us. Our life is in our hands :-)


Fiona McCallum

Country : Kilmarnock, Scotland

Language : English

What is your favourite MISP related quote?

“The effects of massage are immediate… yet they last a lifetime.”

Trainer Anne Crease (3) - Anne Crease.jpg

Anne Crease

Country : Tiverton, United Kingdom

Language : English

What is your favourite MISP related quote?

"When I give massage, I feel happy because I make someone happy." - Year 1 Student


Kimberly Tin

Country : Singapore

Language : English & Chinese (华语)

What is your favourite MISP related quote?

"Children do not learn if they do not feel loved and accepted."

Anne-Petite_copie - anne Boulangé.jpeg

Anne Boulangé

Country : Lille, France

Language : Français

What is your favourite MISP related quote?

"Since i practise the routine, i m not alone anymore in playgrounds, now i have a friend at school" - Child

Photo portrait de Paule 2022 Bio - Paule Desrochers.jpg

Paule Desrochers

Country : Waterville, Canada

Language : Français

What is your favourite MISP memory?

Picking just one experience is impossible because there are so many amazing experiences I have had with MISP. In fact, each experience is unique and often results in magical moments. Moments where I know that in the moment it is lived, it deposits a positive experience and makes a difference in the lives of those who share it. But for the sake of the exercise, I would like to share the moments of grace that I have often witnessed through the quality of the silence lived and shared for several minutes with groups of children completely immersed in the experience. I could discreetly guide the routine with a simple hand gesture, a bit like a conductor, and immediately all the changes were made. Rare and rich are these experiences of silence and well-being in silence these days! It is so touching in fact to witness these encounters between the children. Encounter with themselves, in this ability to give and receive, and also in this encounter with the other in their ability to give and receive. For me, the MISP is an extraordinary program and I am very happy to teach it so that as many people as possible can benefit from it, young and old alike!

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